Manufacturing molds and tools can be expensive, and their service life can be shortened by wear, damage and corrosion. Laser welding and laser hardening can significantly increase the life of molds and tools. Laser deposition welding can also be used to make design changes, so that an old mold will not have to be replaced.

Our Laser systems feature excellent performance and flexibility. With our robust, high-performance laser welding devices, we provide you a tool that allows complicated connections that are difficult or impossible with traditional joining technologies, even in the immediate vicinity of sensitive materials, such as plastic or glass. The good control of laser energy and exposure time allows welding of metallic materials with high melting temperatures and high thermal conductivity. It can even be used to connect different metals.

The application determines the choice of a laser source. The Laser systems has Nd: YAG and fiber sources. Based on the application, we can therefore advise you in finding the best solution for your tasks. We can provide systems with 50 to 900 watts of laser power.



  • contactless workpiece machining
  • aesthetically executed seam geometries
  • energy input is precisely and straight to the point
  • because of low heat zone minimal structural change
  • seam machining in less time